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Monheimer Institut Team für Marken und Medienforschung GmbH

Address: 40789 Monheim am Rhein, Germany

We are an owner-managed full-service agency that provides high-quality research in order to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your target groups, thus enabling you to make reliable… ...

  • +49-2173-953.750

Interrogare GmbH

Address: 33607 Bielefeld, Germany

Interrogare represents quality of the highest standard and state-of-the-art market research solutions. Through the application of contemporary, innovative and scientifically based methods and… ...

  • +49521-2997340

MRC Managing Research for Companies GmbH

Address: 28217 Bremen, Germany

MRC functions as the (fully or partially) outsourced market research department of their clients. As such MRC identifies market research needs, designs the appropriate market research program,… ...

  • +49-421-322.7910

Quotas GmbH

Address: 22765 Hamburg, Germany

Quotas is an independent quality and market research institute. We provide solutions to measuring and optimizing the quality of services and processes worldwide. We conduct performance evaluations according to international standards and develop individual measures to improve our clients' quality. ...

  • +49-40-410969-0

Konkret GmbH

Address: 28195 Bremen, Germany

Konkret provides quality market research to clients from Germany, Europe and all over the world Our business rests on three pillars: 1. Fieldwork Services: Having gotten our start as fieldworkers… ...

  • +49(0)421-16204-0

Dalia Research GmbH

Address: 10997 Berlin, Germany

Dalia provides a technology solution to reach people around the world through mobile devices. Dalia enables the collection of real-time data on market trends, opinions, attitudes, perception and other insights for strategic decision-making. ...

  • +493069567373

g-d-p Markt und Sozialforschung GmbH

Address: 22081 Hamburg, Germany

Research + Consulting: Take advantage of our know-how in the following consultancy areas: marketing + communication, innovation + product, customer relations + experience, shopper + retail,… ...

  • 4940298760

Naether Marktforschung GmbH

Address: 22589 Hamburg, Germany

Naether Marktforschung Research & Consultancy (NMRC) is a 'Full Service' market research agency with a clear and conscious focus on qualitative market research. Since 1993. Knowledge of markets,… ...

  • +49-171-7519977

Psyma Health & CARE GmbH

Address: 90607 Rueckersdorf/Nuremberg, Germany

Psyma International Profile: - Exclusive focus on health related marketing research in domestic and international markets - Roots traced back to the original company founded in 1957 Today: *… ...

  • +49-911-99574-330

Vocatus AG

Address: 82194 Groebenzell/Munich, Germany

Vocatus is an international market research and consultancy company specialising in price optimisation, decision-making processes, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and service quality.… ...

  • +49-8142-5069.0

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