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United Research China Ltd.

Address: 510030 Guangzhou, China

Who we are: - Founded in 1996, headquartered in Guangzhou, with offices in 3 other major cities in China - Qualified as the Class-A research agency for multinational investments in China -… ...

  • +86-20-8335.8418

Marcom Company Ltd.

Address: 200070 Shanghai, China, established in 1997, is a full-service market research company formed by senior professionals with over 19 years of extensive international marketing research experience. The company… ...

  • +86-21-5100.3580

Cathaya Research

Address: 312300 Shaoxing, China

A full service research house focusing on international market research especially in Asia. We cover a wide range of research services from data collection/panel to advanced analytics & reporting. ...

  • +86-400-654-6266

GfK in China

Address: Beijing, China

GfK is the trusted source of relevant market and consumer information that enables its clients to make smarter decisions. ...

  • +861085623838

AdMaster Inc.

Address: 100010 Beijing, China

. ...

  • +86-18610027497

Vantage Marketing & Research Consultants Ltd.

Address: 510100 Guangzhou, China

Vantage Marketing & Research Consultants Ltd. has been offering the best total research solutions for all the clients.With reliable team, nationwide network and up-to-date IT research tool, we can help clients get deep understanding of local market and consumers as well as timely market intelligence ...

  • +86-20-83730400

ProJoy Research

Address: 100020 Beijing, China

ProJoy Research is a full market research service provider in China. ProJoy stands for PROfessionalism and JOY. Our mission: Deliver authentic, simplistic and actionable consumer & customer… ...

  • +8613701023815


Address: 100190 Beijing, China

Founded in 2014, Mindslab is a rapidly growth boutique market research agency based in Beijing, China. It is founded by two marketing professionals with more than 15 years experience. It has a strong research team including research professionals with no less than 3 years experiences. ...

  • +8613910651967

Malogic Holdings Limited.

Address: 100000 Beijing, China

MaLogic offers effective turn-key research solutions by leveraging its vast industry experience. Led by reputable industry leaders with proven track record, MaLogic is able to mobilize nation-wide fieldwork that can cover over 500 cities in China. ...

  • +86-186-1667-2233

Accel Knowledge

Address: 518048 Shenzhen, China

Accel Knowledge is a full service research agency helping clients in 36 countries across Asia Pacific and MENA (Middle East and North Africa region). We have experience in diverse sectors and we use… ...

  • +8675586243769

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