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Majestic MRSS is one of Asia's Largest Independent Full Service Market Research firms specialized in Multi-Country research. We conduct various studies in Qualitative /Quantitative Research and online research. We are a member of market research associations ESOMAR, QRCA, and MRA. We have our own client servicing offices in 10 major countries in Asia with dedicated research professionals and project managers to take care of research activity in these countries. We have full scale operations in India*, Indonesia*, Vietnam*, Thailand*, UAE*, China*, Singapore*, Hong Kong*, Taiwan* and South Korea* Majestic MRSS has state-of-the-art focus group research facilities* (WITH ONE WAY MIRROR & ON DEMAND GLOBAL VIDEO STREAMING CAPABILITIES (www.focusvision.com)*) in 10 countries across Asia. MMRSS is a Primary Healthcare Research Company across Asia and a Sole provider of in-clinic marketing effectiveness in the oncology therapeutic segment' www.oncotrak.com MMRSS provides a full range of market research services to global clients. To date, MMRSS has worked with clients not limited but in diverse industries from advertising agencies, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, FMCG/CPG companies, retail companies, automotive companies, telecom service providers, media companies, governments, cooperatives, consumer durables, banking, insurance and finance companies, technology companies and also in many other diverse industries.

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