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Lindberg International A/S

Address: 8230 Åbyhøj, Denmark

Lindberg International's mission and promise to our clients is called GrowHow. This basically means that we help our clients grow their business by means of a combination of research and consulting… ...

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Address: 1826 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

Since the MEGAFON foundation in 1991 the company has risen to become one of the most widely recognized Danish market research institutes in terms of precision and quality. MEGAFON specializes in… ...

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Address: 1620 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Marketminds is a research agency that builds bridges between HR and Marketing – because no matter how good or true the analysis results are, they will not lead to change unless accepted within the… ...

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M3 Research part of Bilendi

Address: 5000 Odense C, Denmark

M3 Research is part of Bilendi and one of the leading and most experienced market research agencies in the Nordic region. We help market researchers and advertising agencies to collect data by… ...

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AIM Create

Address: 2900 Hellerup, Denmark

In order to be the preferred research partner, AIM Create is a full service research agency offering in-depth experience with a variety of both qualitative and quantitative methods and approaches. We… ...

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People Research

Address: 1711 Copenhagen V, Denmark

PEOPLE RESEARCH QUALITATIVE EXCELLENCE SHARP MARKETING THINKING We're a qualitative research agency based in Copenhagen. Our market position and competitive advantage is based on our ability to… ...

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Address: 1300 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Voxmeter is an independent full-service market research agency. We conduct telephone interviews, web surveys and hall tests in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We aim to create value for our customers… ...

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Kantar Gallup

Address: 2100 Copenhagen O, Denmark

Full Service Market Research Agency ...

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Wilke Research A/S

Address: 5000 Odense C, Denmark

At Wilke we discover what matters to people and businesses, and turn these insights into new opportunities for our clients. We are a full-service company in the Nordic region with a high commitment to data quality, and a strategic outlook. ...

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Address: DK-2670 Greve, Denmark

FactiCom is an agency specialized in collecting MR-data mainly through WEB and providing consultancy for the following sectors: Retail Finance Consumer B2B including HR Client… ...

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